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The Information Anxiety Solution

The solution to anxiety overload, a plan!
When you walk into a library, is your first thought "information overload"? Of course not. As many of you know, I am very fortunate to be apart of the AffiliateFix community as an administrator. I review most every post everyday as best I can. I always, every time, read and respond to all of the introductions threads. Among the most frequent challenges reported by those that are new to the industry, as well as many that have struggled (and are struggling), is the claim of information overload. 
There is NO SUCH THING AS INFORMATION OVERLOAD! This is a phrase that was coined by marketers. It's a fallacy, it was, and is, designed to cause what is known as a pattern interrupt. A pattern interrupt stops the flow of thinking for a few milliseconds in an attempt to plant a thought in an individual at a specific moment. Now, I am not saying that the idea is that new, Ecclesiastes once stated "of making books there is no end" and Seneca commented, that "the abundance of books is distraction". However, when you read these remarks in context what is revealed is that when it happens naturally it is the result of someone that is not organized in thought, in life, and in business. As well, when it happens unnaturally, it is the result of someones intention to change your line of thinking. This is how marketers use it as well as those practicing the arts of NLP.  What you are experiencing is likely information anxiety, which is the gap between the information we understand and the information that we think we must understand. In other words, you are biting off more than you can chew and trying to cram it all in faster than it can be processed. This is like someone that is great at driving a stock car on a dirt track hopping in a formula one and thinking they can beat Mario Andretti after one or two races, when in fact you will likely spin out and die in the first turn on the track.
How do you get past it, it's very simple. Create a plan, and stick to it until you have mastered the plan. That's it, simple, sweet, doable, and proven to work every time!

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek - Start with why, to build trust and relationships!
If you've never seen Simon, watch this. You will then see our philosophy defined.
The early adopters are not simply those that have a passion for that which suits their individual deepest needs, wants, and desires. Those which are most important to them.
In marketing, we eventually find a specific pattern of marketing we find to be the most desirable to us, something that (for what ever reasons) becomes almost obsessive for us. When this happens there is no stopping us and we become a master of that particular  pattern. When this point is reached, we look daily for the newest and most innovative solutions to to improve our marketing patterns. It's this posture in our routine with some things that makes us an early adopter in an area of our lives.